Church Partnership Grant Application

New Student Eligibility: This grant is available to students who are active members or participants of a church that financially supports William Jessup University at the time of initial enrollment. Students must gain admission to be eligible. Certificate Program Students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Amount: For Traditional Students: $2,000 per year (1/2 disbursed each semester). For Adult Degree Completion, Online, & Graduate Students: 10% Discount of tuition charged

Eligibility: This need-based grant is available to NEW students who, at the time of initial enrollment, are members of/actively participating in a church that financially supports William Jessup University. CURRENT students may also apply IF the student was a member of/actively participating in a partner church at the time of initial enrollment; OR the church becomes a partner while the student is currently enrolled; AND that church continues to be the student’s church home. If other scholarships or grants are secured by a Traditional Student after the awarding of a Church Partnership Grant, the amount may be reduced. This grant recognizes both the church’s partnership with WJU and the recipient’s past contribution to the church. Receiving this grant may not be tied to future participation or involvement at the church. 

Deadline: Church Partnership Grant Application must be submitted by August 15 for Fall, December 15 for Spring and April 15 for Summer. Funds are limited. Priority given to early applicants.

Student Information & Church Selection

Pastor Recommendation

  • This recommendation should be completed by any PASTOR at the church who can insightfully respond to the questions below - typically the pastor for whom the student has had the most interaction/service.
  • This grant is intended for individuals who seriously desire a Christian education who have been active participants in the mission of your church (If you have any concerns about whether this student should receive this grant, please note those below.
Student's Name*
Pastor Completing This Form*
List strong and/or unique characteristics and gifts of this student.
List all ministries in which this student has actively participated at your church.
Please provide any additional relevant information on the student and/or family history in your church.
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